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Food brings people together, and ACF brings together those who love food. Whether it’s the professional culinarian looking to build skills and a strong résumé, the foodservice executive chef wanting to network or the students and educators who embrace culinary arts, ACF has something for everyone!

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Clemens Food Group - Employer of the Year
2 / 6
Katie Horan - Pastry Chef of the Year
3 / 6
Peter Gilmore - Educator of the Year
4 / 6
Francine Marz CEC – 2017 Chef of the Year
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Cindy McClure CCC -Gerhardt Koennecke Award
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Scholarship Recipients

ACF Philadelphia Summer BYOB Social
ACF Philly DVCA Summer BYOB Social
ACF-Philadelphia DVCA Members & Sponsors
Casa Tutto Sorrisi
Complimentary Dining Event

(Guests: $20)
Tuesday, June 13, 2017
49 Rosewood Lane, Malvern, PA 19355
provided by
Gilmore & McClure
Poulet Roulade stuffed with Spinach, Apricot, Tomato & Mushroom
Sherry Vinegar Demi-Glace
Noisettes of Pork Normande

call or email
RSVP June 9, 2017

We would appreciate contributions for the following:
Hors d'oeuvres, Salad, Pasta, Dessert, Beverages
Reimbursement for cost only (receipts submitted to Cindy McClure, Treasurer)

Directions from Phila:
Rt. 76 West to Rt. 202 South
Exit at Frazer 401 West exit, at ramp bear right. Get into left lane and proceed up 401W about 2 miles to red light at Valley Hill Road.
Turn right onto Valley Hill Road. At stop sign bear left, down Bodine Road.
Go over turnpike overpass and it's the first road on the left
(49 Rosewood Lane)
House in cul de sac with gate. Park on grass on right side of driveway. Handicapped at front or near garages.

Dear ACF Philadelphia Members,

Our April Chapter activities were a huge success and it was so nice to see so many members enjoying the opportunities that we have.

On April 6 th , Madame Saito along with help from Chef Joe Gudonis hosted the 13 th Annual Subaru Amateur Sushi Creation Contest at Tokyo Head house cafe in Philadelphia. The event was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed the food and had a great time.

Our Presidents Ball on April 9 th was fabulous! Special thanks to Chef Joe Koye for organizing the dinner and evening at the Philadelphia Country Club and to our board and committee members who help to make this a magical evening. I want to thank all of the members who were able to attend or who supported our chapter by selling ad space, tickets or sponsorships. The AM Radio Band was excellent, and the service and food prepared by the staff of Chef Fritz Gitchner CMC AAC was outstanding!

We had an overwhelming support from our sponsors this year with many of them attending the Ball. Please consider supporting these sponsors who help us financially so we can continue to enjoy chapter events: US Foods, Clemens Food Group, Performance Foodservice, Sysco, and Ambrogi Produce.

Presidents Ball Highlights

Our National President, Tom Macrina CEC, CCA, AAC was present with his lovely wife Cathy, Tom awarded Chef Andres Marin CEC with a Presidential Medallion

Educator of the Year: Chef Peter Gilmore
Culinary Student of the Year: Liz Sebzda
Student Volunteer Medallions: Liz Sebzda, Leah Fox, Ashley Lademann
Purveyor of the Year: Clemens/ Hatfield Food Group
Employer of the Year: Villanova University
Pastry Chef of the Year: Chef Katie Horan, Philadelphia Cricket Club
Presidents Awards: Chef Dave Lademann, Chef Hubert Proulx, and Chef Joe Gudonis
Gerhard Koennecke Lifetime Achievement Award: Chef Cindy McClure CC
Chef of the Year: Chef Francine Marz CEC, MBA

April 23, 2017 - ACF Certification Testing organized by Certification chairperson, Christine Neugebauer, CEC, AAC, was held at the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College

April 2, 2017 - Nordon Food Service Company in Langhorne, Pa. hosted our Board meeting. We are thankful for the nice dinner that they provided for those that were able to attend.

April 29, 2017 - ACLAMO‘s annual Culinary Celebration was held at the Montgomery County Community College. Chef Francine Marz did an amazing job of organizing the event and Chef Hubert Proulx represented our chapter well while preparing Spanish food for over 300 guests. Since 1976, ACLAMO has worked to promote improved access to economic, health, educational, social and cultural opportunities for low-income families in Montgomery County, especially those of Spanish Speaking background. Our Chapter did an excellent job of supporting this community service event.

May 1, 2017- the Clemens Food Group, we were invited to participate in a pork tasting and evaluation at the Clemens / Hatfield Group in Hatfield, Pa. At least 30 members came out and enjoyed participating in the event. It was a lot of fun for all that attended and the Clemens Group really treated us so graciously. We are looking forward to more events with Clemens so try to make it next time, you will not be disappointed!

Please try to free up some time and enjoy yourself!
Hope to see all of you soon!
Best Regards,
Chef Michael McCombe CEC CCE AAC President of ACF Philadelphia



Thank you to our Spring 2017 sponsors